Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Volpara Health Technologies is a research-driven company, developing breakthrough clinical solutions in the field of medical imaging. Our diverse research team is led by internationally recognized experts in medical physics and our in-house research is complemented by collaborative research around the world.

Our technology is covered by one or more patents, trademarks, copyright, and "trade secrets" (including those listed below). We assert these rights to the fullest extent under law.


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'Volpara' (1118536, 88601817, 73768820), Matakina (1136930)'VDG' (009531336), 'Enterprise' (3244601, 1468004), 'Tempara' (1111137, 1117039), MRS (73768820, 1562745), MRSQuest (3777931), Aspen (1807178)

Other trademarks, logos, and slogans registered or used by Volpara Health Technologies Limited include but are not limited to volparaenterprise, volparadensity, volpararisk, volparalive!, volparadose, volparapressure, volparapositioning, 'Volpara Solutions', 'Volpara Enterprise DDP', 'Volpara Analytics', 'Volpara Density Grade' and ‘Volpara Platform’.