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Improving Breast Imaging Quality Worldwide

Monitoring and improving the quality of breast imaging is essential to regulatory compliance, reducing the number of image retakes, improving clinic performance and most importantly, reducing the rate of breast...


Comparison of variability in breast density assessment by BI-RADS category according to the level of experience

Breast imaging experience corresponds to greater agreement with automated density measurement


Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence in Health

Cloud computing and artificial intelligence, once a definite no-no for hospital IT, is becoming more popular as local IT departments seek to push the risk involved in storing patient data...


The Objective Assessment of Breast Density

The objective assessment of breast density is harder than you may think. Taking the guesswork out of the process saves lives.If you have high breast density, you’re at an even...

San Francisco

8th International Breast Densitometry and Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Workshop 2017

The University of California San Francisco recently hosted the 8th International Breast Densitometry and Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Workshop (June 7 – 9).

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Hormone replacement therapy, breast density and the risk of breast cancer

Increased breast density is a key driver of breast cancer risk from long-term hormone replacement therapy use


VHT 2017 Full Year Financial Results and Sales Update

Volpara CEO Ralph Highnam discusses the 2017 Full Year Financial Results and gives a sales update.

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Healthcare and the Cloud: Security of Health Information

Volpara takes an aggressive stance on information security, partnering with Microsoft Azure to offer continuous security-health monitoring.


Are your breasts dense? What Australian women need to know

Despite breast density being recently declared by US researchers to be the most common risk factor to determine a woman’s chances of developing breast cancer during her lifetime, very few...


Ralph Highnam—From Math Grad to CEO

You may think a degree in math or physics is reserved for more bookish types that aim for career paths in labs, academia, or sci-fi-esque pursuits.

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