How an Imaging Practice Used Analytics to Boost Mammography Quality

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How an Imaging Practice Used Analytics to Boost Mammography Quality

Mayfair Diagnostics in Calgary, Canada, decided to implement VolparaEnterprise software to drive a quality improvement program using breast imaging analytics. Since their adoption of the software, they have been impressed by the broad impact the software is having across their network of 10 breast imaging facilities. The benefits realized cover multiple areas, including:

Technologist2Advancing technologists’ skills. Monitoring technologists’ positioning skills for every patient and every image allowed Mayfair’s Mammography Coordinator to identify ways in which technologists can strengthen their skills for improved image quality.


Streamlining the compliance process. Being able to automatically generate a list of studies that are relevant for compliance reviews has saved Mayfair’s Infrastructure Specialist 4–6 hours in the image selection process.


Jan.–June 2017 compared to July–Dec. 2017

 RefPhysician3Marketing to referring physicians. Mayfair’s business development team is promoting their success with VolparaEnterprise software to their referring physician base to cement their position as an innovator and premier provider in the market.


Reducing technical recalls. The focus on quality improvement had financial benefits for Mayfair; they measured a reduction in the number of technical recalls, which directly influences cost savings in rescheduling patients, the use of x-ray equipment time, and technologist and radiologist labor.


Jan.–June 2017 compared to July–Dec. 2017

To learn more about how Mayfair Diagnostics realized these and other quantifiable benefits, request our case studyBusiness Success Story: Boosting Mammography Quality, or contact us to schedule a demo.

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