Successful RSNA 2018 for Volpara and Launch of the VolparaLive! System

Volpara RSNA booth

Successful RSNA 2018 for Volpara and Launch of the VolparaLive! System

Volpara had its best-ever response from the 50,000-plus radiology professionals attending the 2018 RSNA conference in Chicago, Volpara’s key event for showcasing its products. We more than doubled the number of solid leads compared to last RSNA and attracted a huge amount of both attendee and corporate interest in what we’re doing.

Volpara’s Board meets in person at RSNA to do a complete strategic review of the company, with a view to the FY2020 budget and beyond. This year’s Board meeting was notable for the positive outlook for the company and the sheer number of opportunities ahead of us.

Volpara Board and Exec Team

The Volpara Board and Executive Team, from bottom corner going clockwise: John Diddams (Director), Roger Allen AM (Chairman), Craig Hadfield (CFO), Dr Monica Saini (Chief Medical Officer), Mark Koeniguer (Chief Commercial Officer), John Pavlidis (Director), Paul Reid (Director), Professor Sir Mike Brady (Director), and Julian Marshall (Chief Product Officer).

A highlight for Volpara at RSNA was the launch of the VolparaLive! system. Below is a picture of the interface. The aim is to tell the technologist within seconds about the quality of the exam and to help her consider whether the quality is good enough before the woman goes home:


The VolparaLive! system version 1.0 interface shows a mammogram which is “Moderate” for quality due to the Inframammary Fold being obscured, the pectoral to nipple line not being ideal and the small amount of pectoral muscle. Furthermore, the compression force applied was just below the suggested target range. In this case, the technologist has the option to redo the images, or accept it if the other images are good enough.

“We had a great reaction from the visitors who saw the VolparaLive! system at the Volpara booth, and we believe the product is going to do well on the market,” Volpara Chief Executive Dr Ralph Highnam said. “This product complements the VolparaDensity clinical application and VolparaEnterprise software, so will add valuable ARPU for us, as well as attract new customers.”

Volpara hosted a distinguished speaker series at the RSNA meeting which included Prof Jack Cuzick, Director, Wolfson Institute of Preventative Medicine; JoAnn Pushkin, Executive Director,; Prof Sir Mike Brady, Professor of Oncological Imaging, University of Oxford; and Amy Chatten, Executive Director, Mammography Educators, LLC; and a live TweetChat with the Radiology Chicks. Pictures below:


Volpara’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Monica Saini (left) hosting a live TweetChat at the Volpara booth with the Radiology Chicks, Dr Agnes Solberg (centre) and Dr Taj Kattapuram (right).

Jack Cuzick Volpara

Professor Jack Cuzick, the driving force behind the Tyrer-Cuzick 8 breast cancer risk model, talked extensively for Volpara at RSNA. He’s pictured here by the booth of another company that is advertising the use of the VolparaDensity clinical application with the Tyrer-Cuzick 8 model to find women who might benefit from extra imaging, paid for by insurers in the United States.

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