Three Breast Cancer Risk Insights. One View.

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Women diagnosed during the earliest stages of breast cancer tend to have better outcomes and survival rates.1 Volpara®Scorecard™ provides your breast care team with the insights they need to find cancer earlier.

A Clinical Decision-Support Tool for Personalized Breast Care

  • Three patient risk insights in a single, customizable view
  • Warning icons when patient meets high-risk thresholds
  • Study dose and pressure information
  • Available to radiologists during mammography interpretation




1.  Volpara®Density™
Volumetric breast density measurements PLUS a breast density category for a more objective and consistent assessment 2

2.  Volpara®Risk™
Tyrer-Cuzick version 8 risk model to calculate lifetime risk of developing breast cancer 3

3.  Transpara™ by ScreenPoint Medical
Uses machine learning to categorize mammograms by the likelihood of the presence of cancerous lesions 4


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Experience the Benefits of VolparaScorecard

  • Streamline workflow to inform reporting and early detection
  • Focus on the patients that require more attention
  • Access objective, science-based data to triage women to the appropriate supplemental screening or diagnostic testing
  • Perform supplemental imaging while the patient is still in the facility for her annual mammogram

VolparaScorecard in Practice

  • VolparaScorecard is easily accessible from the radiologist workstation as a secondary capture DICOM image
  • Integration allows the risks factors to be included in structured reports
  • With VolparaEnterprise Analytics, VolparaScorecard+ assists in identifying patient populations with dense breasts that may require additional services

1. Clinical outcomes in very early breast cancer (≤ 1cm): A national population based analysis. Mahvish Muzaffar, Abdul Rafeh Naqash, Nasreen A. Vohra, Darla K. Liles, and Jan H. Wong Journal of Clinical Oncology 2017 35:15_suppl, e12034-e12034

2. Gubern-Mérida, A., Kallenberg, M., Platel, B., Mann, R.M., Martí, R. and Karssemeijer, N. (2014) Volumetric Breast Density Estimation from Full-Field Digital Mammograms: A Validation Study. PLoS ONE; 9: e85952

3. Terry, M.B. et al. 10-year performance of four models of breast cancer risk: a validation study. Lancet Oncol 20, 504–517 (2019).

4. Rodriguez-Ruiz, et al., Can we reduce the workload of mammographic screening by automatic identification of normal exams with artificial intelligence? A feasibility study. Eur Radiology. 2019; 29(9): pp 4825–4832


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