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"Utilizing VolparaDensity allows us to remove the subjectivity from the evaluation of breast density to be more consistent in our measurements, from time to time, image to image, mammogram to mammogram, and radiologist to radiologist."
Jean Weigert
– Jean Weigert, M.D., FACS www.thocc.org
"It is critical for physicians and patients to have as many resources available as possible to detect breast cancer, especially among women for whom the traditional mammogram may not be enough. Volpara, when used in concert with advanced imaging technology, can increase the chances for an accurate diagnosis leading to early treatment and a greater possibility for long-term survival."
Imtiaz Qureshi3
– Imtiaz Qureshi, M.D. www.elcaminohospital.org
"Our Center is committed to informing our patients of their breast density at the time of their screening mammography. With eight breast radiologists we believe it mandatory that we standardize the quantification of breast density. We have found Volpara to decrease inter and intraobserver variation in breast density determination thereby optimizing the care of our patients."
 Kathy Schilling 
– Kathy Schiling, M.D. www.brrh.com
"We started as a beta test site but soon found applications of Volpara to our daily practice….We’ve been offering whole breast ultrasound since December 2010 but it turned out that the convenience factor is critical in whether women took advantage of that service; use of Volpara has made the whole process much more streamlined and much more convenient for women."
 Dennis McDonald 
– Dennis McDonald, M.D. www.suttersantarosa.org
"As more states pass legislation to require doctors to inform women of their breast density and the need for additional tests for those with dense breasts, it is becoming increasingly important to have a consistent way to define “dense” breasts. Software programs, such Volpara, show great promise in providing objectivity and reproducibility to something that has always been subjective."
Marcela Bohm Velez 
– Marcela Böhm-Vélez, M.D. www.weinsteinimaging.com
"Volpara is another step forward in the early diagnosis of breast cancer. It gives us a rapid assessment of breast density and enables us to complete the breast imaging at the same appointment."
– Mike Baker, M.D. www.aucklandbreastcentre.co.nz
"We have had Volpara implemented here since October 2010, and have found it to be accurate and reliable. It has made us very aware of the subjectivity and inconsistency of visual density assessments. The advent of new advanced breast imaging tools is exciting but requires an objective measure of patient risk and an accurate assessment of the sensitivity of the basic tools (i.e. digital mammography) to determine who will benefit from supplemental imaging. There is a great deal of research that needs to be done to determine how breast density correlates with breast cancer risk and how it limits its detection. The type of automated objective measurements generated by Volpara are essential for this research. It has even allowed us to start looking at change in density over time in populations and individual patients which we believe could be an important factor to consider in the future."
– Bruce Schroeder, M.D. www.easternrad.com
"Automated, objective density assessment is critical … and Matakina researchers have a good track-record for developing these. I have already been using Volpara in a large, randomized screening trial because of its robust clinical record."
Carla van Gils
– Carla van Gils, PhD www.umcutrecht.nl
"My nurses and colleagues find Volpara easy to use with minimal training. We use it to objectively determine high density before performing breast ultrasound screening. In tandem, my colleagues in gynecology are finding it interesting to use the volumetric measurements to follow hormonal and anti-hormonal therapy."
– André Grivegnée, PhD, MD www.bordet.be
"Essentially Volpara supports our multi-modality screening program by providing us instantaneous density information, before our radiologist has the opportunity to read the mammogram. This allows us to proceed with additional diagnostic testing on women with increased density immediately, rather than calling the patient back for additional appointments. This has been very well received by our patients and referring providers."
Ian Grady
– Ian Grady, M.D, FACS breastpractice.com
"We evaluated other commercially available density measurement tools, but we adopted VolparaDensity because it has been proven to provide objective, volumetric measurement that demonstrates to payors that we have a consistent, standardized approach to density assessment and supplemental imaging. This is also very important to reassure women that they have been thoroughly assessed and vectored to the imaging tool best suited to improve the early detection of cancer, based on their breast density and individual risk factors."
– Robin Shermis, M.D, MPH www.promedica.org
"…we have adopted the Volpara objective breast density software so women can be confident in the accuracy of the breast density results because this software eliminates the subjectivity."
– John Restivo, M.D. www.romehospital.org
"Mammography is proven to save lives, but we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our service to women so we are very excited to invest in the VolparaDensity breast density software, which provides a computerised measurement of breast density which supplements the radiologist’s evaluation. By adding this new technology, we can better care for women with dense breasts, educate women about their own breast density and its associated risks and discuss the potential benefits of additional screening tests, such as breast ultrasound."
WBI logo
– Peter Goodwin, M.D. www.wbi.net.au


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