EQUIP with VolparaEnterprise

What is EQUIP?

EQUIP is an FDA initiative that uses FDA annual inspections to drive image quality improvement in mammography. Inspectors have begun a series of questions related to:

  • Quality assurance—clinical image corrective action.
  • Clinical image quality.
  • Quality control.

Isn't compliance enough?VolparaEnterprise EQUIP

Compliance is essential. But EQUIP is also providing a means for facilities to focus on real improvement. When EQUIP was launched, FDA pointed out that weaknesses in mammography accreditation now lay mainly in areas of clinical image quality, namely:

  • Patient positioning.
  • Compression.

How can Volpara help my facility?

Any reporting system vendor can help with the paperwork of EQUIP. But VolparaEnterprise is different because it can:

  • Monitor every screening mammogram for image quality issues related to positioning and compression;
  • Easily filter by technologist to isolate specific performance metrics that indicate areas for improvement;
  • Rapidly locate poor-quality images for review during Clinical Image Quality Reviews (CIQRs); plus
  • Locate good-quality images for review in preparation for machine accreditation.

What is the EQUIP timeline?

Every inspection now includes EQUIP:

  • EQUIP inspections, including possible violations, began on January 1, 2018.

Volpara has created draft processes, procedures, and forms you can use to accelerate your preparations for complying with EQUIP—all included with your purchase of VolparaEnterprise.

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