Broaden Your Search for High-Risk Patients

VolparaRisk software is a new VolparaEnterprise feature. It helps your practice identify additional women who may be at high lifetime risk of developing breast cancer, irrespective of family history, and who may benefit from a full risk assessment. It can not only bolster your adjunctive imaging revenue, but also give you confidence that fewer women may be overlooked.

Family History Often Isn’t Enough

Many breast imaging practices simplify risk assessment by asking women a few family history questions as a simple triage to full risk assessment. This may not be the ideal approach since most breast cancers occur in women without significant family history; and other factors contribute to a woman’s individual risk.

Tools that help identify high-risk women based on factors other than family history can supplement the family history risk-assessment approach, and help your practice identify additional women who may be at risk.

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