Real-time Decision Support at the Point of Care

Introducing Volpara®Live!™ Software

VolparaLive! automatically analyzes patient positioning and compression and provides real-time feedback to Technologists. It is mammography’s first real-time decision support system available at the point of care.

The feedback helps Technologists make timely decisions about whether to repeat an image, yielding:

  • Improved mammographic quality
  • Reduced technical recalls
  • Improved Technologist experience
  • Enhanced patient experience

Improved Quality

The key to VolparaLive! is that it evaluates image quality for every single mammogram. It assesses patient positioning according to the vPGMI Standard Image Evaluation System by providing an image quality score and giving Technologists actionable feedback about which positioning metrics have not been met.

VolparaLive! also indicates if the applied breast compression pressure is within a range known to improve clinical usability.1

The immediate positioning and compression feedback coaches the Technologist to produce the highest-quality images possible.2 For Radiologists, good image quality means an increase in cancer detection rate and less time spent reading technical recalls.

Reduced Technical Recalls

Technical recalls are an unfortunate reality in mammographic screening. For imaging facilities, they’re expensive and create scheduling issues. For patients, they’re both inconvenient and a key source of anxiety.

VolparaLive! is a facility’s first tool for addressing technical recalls. By increasing the percentage of high-quality images, VolparaLive! can help your facility save time and money, increasing revenue by freeing up appointments used for technical recalls.

Improved Technologist Experience

Lead Technologists view VolparaLive! as a virtual coach, there to help their team members deliver consistent performance and the highest-quality studies possible.

Not every study will or should be perfect because sometimes patient circumstances simply don’t allow it. VolparaLive! provides ongoing reminders and coaches the Technologist to refine her technique. For the Technologist, VolparaLive! is a breeze—it keeps an eye on each positioning and compression metric for every image.

Enhanced Patient Experience

Every facility wants to improve the woman’s experience. By using the VolparaLive! system to help Technologists make an informed decision about retakes before the patient leaves the room, your facility may reduce how often you tell a patient, “Please come back for another image.” It will help your team improve quality and provide the positive patient experience that is central to every facility’s mission, leading to improved clinical outcomes and higher patient retention.

[1] Holland K, et al. Influence of breast compression pressure on the performance of population-based mammography screening. Breast Cancer Research (2017) 19:126.

[2] Your Technologists should follow your facility’s guidelines when considering if a repeat image is necessary.

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