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Learn how patients and providers benefit from Volpara's health technologies


Improved Surgical Outcomes and Breast Implant Selection

Surgeons can now achieve positive breast surgery outcomes more easily by using automated software to assess breast tissue volumes preoperatively.

Business Success Story: Boosting Mammography Quality 

How a large Alberta diagnostic imaging practice used VolparaEnterprise software to improve mammography quality across its business.

Breast Density Improves Breast Cancer Risk Stratification in the New Tyrer-Cuzick v8 Model

This paper demonstrates how breast density is now being used to improve breast cancer risk stratification using the new Tyrer-Cuzick v8 model (IBIS Breast Cancer Risk Evaluation Tool).

Optimal Breast Compression in Mammography

Breast compression is a critical part of mammography. This white paper demonstrates that inappropriate compression is detrimental to clinical performance, image quality, and subject safety and comfort.

Patient-Specific Radiation Dose Estimation in Breast Cancer Screening

Standardized dose estimations help identify opportunities for improving quality control and enable meaningful comparisons of radiation doses between machines. Now that patient-specific dose reporting is possible, more accurate dose information can be provided to women.

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